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asian language font size and font type

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I have actually thought about this before, as the forum I run has an Arabic section. Arabic has the same problem, in that a font size which is fine for English is too small for Arabic.

From memory, Urdu is an RTL language like Arabic. If that is the case, the easiest way of getting what you want is to increase the font-size in rtl.css. That will deal with all RTL languages without affecting anyone who uses English.

If that's not adequate for some reason, then you would have to find some way of calling a different font-size according to which language character set was being used in the actual post. That is going to be a lot trickier.

Another simple option is just to get people to use the BBC font size tag when posting in Urdu. They can increase the size themselves while composing the post. You could even make a special "Urdu size" button if you wanted to.

Should be easy enough to add a small customization that checks the language and then loads the stylesheet for their language to change the font size.

It sounds like they're looking to leave English (Latin fonts) alone, even on a mixed language page, and only affect RTL fonts. In that case, changing rtl.css might make more sense than "all or nothing" changes to the whole page, depending on the principal language in use, although it could mean many changes to add font-size in many rtl.css properties.

I would first check if all RTL fonts need to be affected, or if only some specific fonts are too small at a given font-size. While the latter could be considered a fault of the font supplier, the former would be a problem for the browser author. Also check what happens on different browsers. All in all, it may be difficult to isolate the need for a specific font-size to a given part of a page that also includes other fonts, both Latin and RTL (bidirectional) languages.

@Baloch -- could you see if this font sizing problem only affects a specifc font, or do all RTL alphabets you use have the same problem? If it's just one font, does switching to another commonly installed Urdu font help? Also, are you aware of your browser's "zoom" function? You should be able to View > Zoom and display a page at a larger size (Ctrl+ and Ctrl- may also work) if one font is giving you eyestrain.

Yeah thats good :)

you can do so by adding the following, or modify it as desired, to rtl.css at the bottom of the file. rtl.css is in


add this

--- Code:, .personalmessage
line-height: 1.4em;
    font-family: Helvetica, tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;
    font-size: 135%;
    font-weight: bold;

--- End code ---

it will only change font, type and size of URDU/BALUCHI posts for those users who has their profile set to a right to left layout.

size of URDU/BALUCHI posts script will go back to normal for those that use left to right.

so it depends on the member profile setup not the language itself.

see attached images


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