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Having trouble resizing Logo and Getting rid of black text.

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I am currently working on updating a new theme for my site and have discovered my poor logo keeps getting shrunk to fit in a small space. I would like for it to spread out across the top and be a bit wider but I am unsure why it keeps getting shrunk down to that small spot.

At the bottom are links to the problem, I'd show the actual website but unfortunately this new theme is a surprise for the it's not up and running for them to use.

Other than the logo problem I also can't get rid of the black text where it says 'hey, [username]' and other stuff. I've scanned the style.css up and down for it and I can't find it anywhere.

I am using the theme Salava. I of course have made various changes to it so that it would better fit my site, but the bones and layout are all the same.

i am also kind of facing the same problem. Logo i designed is a bit large but when i put it there on the left, it overlaps the user info and on the right it overlaps the search button ..... Even i am not sure how to widen that logo space and is waiting for someone to help .....

Yeah it's confusing.

And unfortunately no one here has come to help out. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Marcus Forsberg:
First step would probably be to attach index.template.php as well as the CSS file ;)

Alright attached are the css as well as the index.template.php.

They have been updated to match the changes that I have already made on the theme.


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