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SMF projected release dates?

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I am a YabbSE man! I was excited to hear about SMF

When is this projected to be released to the public?


when it's done
and if you want it some weeks earlier become a charter member !

Jeff Lewis:
It's been worked on daily for some time now, Charter Members have a release date for their beta. once we get an idea of how stable it is and how long the CM beta will be, we'll release a date for that as well.

OK :)  I guess being a Charter Member is a great idea. You guys work tirelessly, I think ya should get paid! So, I will save my pennies and join as a Charter Member :)

I've been busy playing around with YaBB Gold SP2B3... Lots of cool features... I hope that the new SMF will have a lot of the same features (built-in smilie adder, advanced permissions as to who can do what with a thread, etc).


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