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We are always looking for Support Specialists!

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Support here can be given by anyone whenever. Remember, no one is paid.

there are actually no "perks"....   and no, we do not take requests to join the team, nor do we take nominations.


--- Quote from: Bet99ty00 on November 03, 2011, 10:25:57 PM ---can we nominate employees for this? 
I have gotten a lot of help recently from many of the regular staff, and even some from the regular joes as well

--- End quote ---

If you or perhaps others are willing to contribute, please do take a look at the possibilities:
I'm not sure if you meant "employees" as referring to the SMF Support Specialists, but in case you did, then as stated above, Support Specialists are not anyone's "employees". They're doing this work for free, and because they want to spend their time helping users around SMF. And there aren't really obstacles to anyone doing that: most of the community forum here is meant for helping SMF forums admins, as much as possible, and this help can be given by anyone.


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