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SMF 2.0.2   default theme   no ad related mod installed.

  Nowadays, I see a gradually slowdown on my site .  When looking through the bottom of the browser ( latest chrome) I see my site tries to reach , this takes several microsecs and then site comes ...

As far as I know, I have no special code for this site, so my questions is do you know any mod :

- that refers to this site ?  ( when clicked only "coming soon" is shown on this site)

- any hardcoded link inside a mod ?

Any help in debugging this will be highly appreciated.

note:  seems spyware cookie thing.  I also see 

Have you got "neat bookmarks" installed in your chrome?

Not installed , Shambles ...

Check the page source by right-clicking > view page source, and looking through the result

What mods are installed on your forum?
Are you using free hosting or a paid service?


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