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Jim Stone:

--- Quote from: N. N. on May 03, 2012, 04:02:53 PM ---Please lets keep the discussion nice.

I know there are mixed feelings about a few of these functionalities, "born" from social networks, which may or may not make sense for forums. There are clearly common grounds between social networking and community building software, and there are definitely specific targets and goals too.

This particular one has been requested for ages by our users. I tend to think it has come to the point where expectations of users, shapen up by their experience with many sites over the web (not only social networks, but also blogs and such), are reaching a critical mass or close to reaching it, for forums.

--- End quote ---

Thumbs Up! ;)

  Thank you for saying more "clearly" what I am obviously unequipped to say without causing a stir.

--- Quote ---Just to be clear, however: we are extremely unlikely to consider it for SMF 2.1, which has a few new functionalities but it's mainly targeted at strictly necessary enhancements for 2.0 forums. While we may consider it for SMF 3.0, and please, feel free to add more thoughts and experiences on the matter.

--- End quote ---

Understood and accepted.  A very intelligent way to approach this issue. I'll just fade back into the shadows and hope for the best. Thanks for your understanding.

Would it be overstepping the mark to say I like this thead?

Thought so  :-X


--- Quote from: Shambles on May 04, 2012, 04:37:38 AM ---Would it be overstepping the mark to say I like this thead?

--- End quote ---
You cannot, you have to like a post! :P  <-- Note the smiley, it means "joke".

If it was a seamless modification or plugin then I would prefer to see it done that way. Should you want it then just add it. Many won't add this I am sure.

I dunno, I would imagine more people would use this than would use karma.


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