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Hello. I am looking into integrating a Typo3 CMS Homepage with a SMF 2.0 RC5 Forum together. Is there a Way I can do this without having to use SMF 1.1.1x? I'd like to keep my SMF 2.0 RC5 Forum but connect it with a Typo3 Homepage. Please Help.

There is no (un)official bridge to get those two working together, it could be done though. What type of 'integration' are you looking to accomplish?


Well, Integrating it so that the Members on the Forum can also participate in the CMS pages as well [like Filling Out Member-Only Forms, etc.]

I'd like to pull this one out of the depths of oblivion - I'm also VERY interested in a solution to exactly this problem.

Mainly the final result should allow me to a) integrate an existing SMF 2.x installation into my typo3 project and b) set the availability/visibility of certain sidebar menu points and forms depending on the user status/level defined by the SMF login status/database.

Thanks for any advice on this! :) :)


 - michicaust

I will be looking into implementing this in the not too distant future* as I am (finally) upgrading one of my forums to SMF2* and installing Typo3 alongside it.

I intend for this to be pretty much just an authentication bridge, so Typo3 uses the SMF user database for authentication and users logged into SMF will automatically be logged in as a Typo3 front-end user (and vice-versa). Typo3 user permissions should be able to be assigned to SMF users and groups.

I used to have this working for SMF1 so I have a good idea of what is involved and now that SMF2 has a different license, I should be able to release some code at some point*.

* knowing my workload for other stuff - don't hold your breath.


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