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How can I acquire 2RC2 from its owner?

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well as we have stated its not for sale, there is no way for you to own it legally and we will never consider selling it to anyone. 

And I do think that someone that has code in it saying he wont let it be sold should be adequate enough for you to accept that its not for sale.

Clara Listensprechen:
Sounds like there's an echo in here, so I might as well echo that 2.0 is inferior to 2RC2, and I refuse to be forced to accept an inferior product just because this here is your basic echo chamber.

I'd rather fight than switch.

You are not forced be any means to use SMF...


--- Quote from: Clara Listensprechen on August 19, 2011, 08:55:32 PM ---2.0 is inferior to 2RC2

--- End quote ---
How is that? 2.0 is more secure, has far fewer bugs, and has new features for developers; how is RC2 in any way, shape, or form better than 2.0, other than that "I don't want to re-customize my site after an upgrade."?

If you get hacked, all I'm going to do is point to this thread, laugh and sit back with my bucket of popcorn.

2.0 Final is loads better than any RC candidate out there (though I'm not super crazy about the all CSS theme... it did allow me to skin Hogville and GridironHistory in about 1/4th the time that it used to).

Hope you don't get hacked, and hope your system has adequate application firewalls on it.  Cause there's some egregious security issues in RC2 if I recall correctly.

But hey, what do I know... I'm outta touch with reality (as is everyone else...), according to you.  And your opinion (as naive and uneducated as it is) is always right.  (someone gag me with a spoon, please)


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