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Please tell me what my forums missing!

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Have a ball. ;)

Well aside from my logo "Being fixed atm" What else am I missing? Do I lack pages? Mods? Info? Color? IDK but im desperate for members.


--- Quote ---but im desperate for members.
--- End quote ---

With an attitude like this the forum will go nowhere.

Patience is the main thing.

Are any mods installed at the moment?

The number of mods won't make any difference to the members whether ya have 1 or 200

As for info. Do you have the knowledge for what your forum is about?

--- Quote from: ewind on April 25, 2012, 09:04:32 AM ---Well theme is plain (clean) but plain, also the logo needs help. There are tons of free themes out there very good ones too.

--- End quote ---

This is another subject to think about.

The theme I use on one of my forums would be pointless on the other and vice versa.

Same goes for a pink theme I have seen (except for April fools day of course).

Just keep cool, get some content on the forum, look at the themes for one which is suitable.

Have a look at the Tips and Tricks board too.

Will do, Nice forum pixel mansion too.  ;)

The boys over there are a great bunch.

Make sure ya say Hi to BigEars too.



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