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This tip has been in some way ported over to be a modification package located on the SMF modsite. Please note, the mod package may not do the exact same function and may not even use any of the code originally written for the tip, but should still hold the same basic functionality of the tip posted here. With the mod package for this tip, you can now let the SMF package manager make the code changes for you without you having to look at the code and edit it manually.

For documentation on using the SMF package manager, view this document.

To download the modification package, [please click here].
How about a setting in profile to select default font and/or color for the member's post?  I know I've seen that before, I think on an ikonBoard.

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What exactly does this option do. I didn't get it. Do you mean every usergroup should have another colour in posts?

I think he means setting a default font and color for the messages you post on the forum. You can change them using SMFC and I think he wants to set set the default per user in the profile.

I mean let each member select their own font color/style so their posts will always default to that color/style unless they select a different color/style ... and um... I'm female.

Brian Lacy:
Sounds like it would probably be a very simple Mod, actually.. I'll look into it when SMF is available.


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