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--- Quote from: AngelinaBelle on January 25, 2012, 11:33:55 AM ---I'm not too bad at speaking British.  I grew up reading a lot of English authors, and once worked for an English company.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, but sometimes our weird colloquialisms don't make it, over The Pond.

I believe that a "Git", originally, was a pregnant camel, in much the same way that a "Dork" is a blue whale's penis.

Angelina Belle:

I love those little differences between our languages.

They can cause problems, as I found out, in Atlanta, many moons ago.

I happened to mention that I was dying for a fag.

Over here, that's slang for a cigarette...

I sure got some odd looks, before I cottoned-on.  :)

Angelina Belle:
Many years ago, I was out for a pint after work at a themed chain restaurant/pub.
I noticed that the waitress uniform had recently changed from white top and black trousers to white top and very short skirt.

I turned to the English bloke next to me and remarked, innocently enough -- "The waitresses used to wear pants, but they don't any more.  I wonder why?".  I thought he was going to choke on his lager.

Shortly after this, I began to study the differences in usage of common words...

That's an odd one. When I lived in the south, pants were underwear. Now, that I'm up north, it seems that they have both that meaning and the American one.

Same with the word "Laugh".

Down south, it's "Larf", kinda.

Up here, it's nearer the American "Laff".

BTW, are you gonna answer my PM? ;)


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