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Hi all

Last night I was trying to install the new MW Auth bridge to allow my SMF 2.0.2 forum to be able to integrate a wiki, as used here for documentation.

I installed MediaWiki 1.18.1 in Spanish on the server successfully, and was able to open an account, login and use it without any integration. My SMF 2.0.2 + Simple Portal 2.3.3 forum was working without issues as has been for quite some time now.

I followed the instructions for bridging, copied the required file and did the required modifications. Unfortunately, to no avail.

Now I have everything messed up:

- The Home Page ( was managed by SimplePortal, now MediaWiki has overriden this and the Wiki is set as the Home Page

- When you try to login to the wiki, the link ( takes me to SMF login page, even if I am already logged in to the forum. If I enter username and password (the same for the user already logged in, or a different one, doesn't matter because it is ignored) I'm taken to the main forum page.

- And of course authentication does not work, I created a new tab in the forum menu for accessing and the link works, but all I get is my IP recognized and the "Login/Register" which, as mentioned, takes me to forum's login form.

What am I doing wrong? What logs or information can I provide to try to identify the root cause for this issue? Any help would be hughly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Follow up: I think .htaccess modifications have something to do with this

As far as I am aware, the MediaWiki bridge is outdated and will not work correctly with SMF 2.0.2. It's possible that I'm wrong though.

Where did you download the bridge? (meh that sounds weird :P)


Thanks for your answers. Right now I'm thinking it has to do with .htaccess and Short URLs.

As per mi initial post, I am using the latest brigde (as downloaded from ) and since it was released a couple of months ago, I was hoping it is compatible with the newer versions of SMF :-P

Oddly enough, my issue is exactly the same as  (but I did not remove the '&' since I'm using PHP 5.2 )

Many thanks in advance.


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