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I need some help (RANK & GROUP QUESTION)

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I installed SMF today but I need some help. I'll try my best to explain myself well in english.

I want to divide users in two groups: male and female. The Male groups will have his own rank and the Female group is also going to have their own rank (both different from each other). How do I do that?


I also want to add the following features (2.0.2 version). Can anyone help me? I want: add videos from youtube, add quick response, add auto-merge and I want to know how can I change the features of the post box (like... how to add buttons and features to the place where we can format our text, add smileys, etc).

Thank you

RANK USER: Create two membergroups, "Male" and "Female". :)

MORE QUESTIONS: Have a look through these:

First, before you install ANY mods, READ MY SIG!!!!

Second, make sure the mods you use are compatible with the version of SMF that you're using.

Also, read through this:

For loads of useful stuff information. ;)


About the Rank User... I created two membergroups like you said but how do I define different ranks to the membergroups?

Male Group
Rank: Male 1, Male 2, Male 3

Female Group
Rank: Female 1, Female 2, Female 3

Also.. is it possible to change colors? Example: Male - Black, Female, Pink

Thank you

I'd imagine that the best way to do that would be to create a membergroup for each of those, mate.

Change the colours by going to Admin>membergroups and click "Modify", beside the group you want to change.

You'll see "Colour in online list:".

The colour needs to be in Hex.

hi. but I don't want the colour in online list. I want people to see who is a girl or not on topics... her nickname will be pink.

and how do I add a membergroup with a rank to the female group and another one for the male group? I know how to create but I don't know how to do this:

FEMALE GROUP: 0 posts (Female Newbie)
MALE GROUP: 0 posts (Male Newbie)

All of my users will be either female newbie or male newbie and I don't want that. Any help?


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