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error when it comes to the admin setup please help urgent


Hi all.. I am very new to the internet webpage creation world and am having an error every time i try and install..
i have tried everything i can think of and even skipping it.. here is the erroe

PHP Warning:  chdir() [<a href='function.chdir'>function.chdir</a>]: No error (errno 0) in D:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_00111060\wwwroot\install.php on on line 1424


Welcome to SMF Dave.

You must be using a Windows server.  Did you follow the instructions for installing the forum manually or try some other method?

i followed the manual one as the auto one would not work either.. however i gave up on the install and checked my page and its installed and runing fine.. strange... thanks heaps for your help though :D

Great, glad you got it installed. Enjoy :)


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