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Mecha Dude:
Does YaBB SE play well with PHP suEXEC?
I had just added suEXEC to apache, and now YaBB SE refuses to load.

You may need to download your files and then delete the directory, then re-upload the files.  When you use the three file installation system, the files get installed as either apache or nobody or www.  When you implement suExec, it makes every instance run as yourself, rather than apache, nobody or www.

If you do what I indicated above, your forum should work correctly again, just make sure you delete the directory AFTER you download your site, then create a new directory with your old directory's name and upload the files.  Check the FAQ's on titled "How to safeguard your site against hackers" for proper CHMOD permissions.

Mecha Dude:
How about gzip and gunzip?  Or would that retain the old owndership?

Those are managed/installed by root, with global permissions for usage.

Mecha Dude:
I mean, how about if I gzip the entire directory, d/l off the server, delete the old one, add in PHP suEXEC to Apache, upload the zip fle and gunzip the file so that all folders and files retain thier UID?


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