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Diego Andrés:
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Boards in Cats

Version: 1.5 Date 2012-05-11
Compatibility: 2.0.2

NOTE: This theme will only install on themes that use the DEFAULT Boardindex.template.php. Maual edits will be needed on themes with custom Boardindex.template.php files.

Allows you to divide your categories into boards.


Size Tips:(because of margins around the boxes)
99% = 1 board | 49% = 2 boards | 32% = 3 boards | 24% = 4 boards | 19% = 5 boards
Note: Number + % = fluid width. Number (without %) = fixed width.

Height Tip: The height setting controls the overall height of your name/description/child board area. You should make this as large as your largest board so that all your boards are uniform in height.
Note: use a whole number only. No % sign needed.

For support visit the Official SMF Support Thread or the I Post You Post site.

Needs a 1.1x version, and should really be optional.


--- Quote from: SilverKnight on March 25, 2009, 10:20:21 PM ---Needs a 1.1x version,
--- End quote ---

I don't plan on working backwards.

--- Quote from: SilverKnight on March 25, 2009, 10:20:21 PM ---...and should really be optional.

--- End quote ---


Is "optional" a comment on a feature you would like to see within the mod, or do you mean this should be a standard SMF feature?

What i mean is,  some forums should show it in that format, and some forums can be normal, i mean this is a great feature, but i have boards that look better with it, and some without it.

I'm not sure how I could do this on a per board basis. So you're saying you would want a home page like:

Cat 1
 - Board 1
 - Board 2
 - Board 3

Cat 2
 - Board 1 - Board 2 - Board 3

Cat 3
 - Board 1
 - Board 2
 - Board 3


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