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--- Quote --- BinkyM speaks very much, does little
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I made a suggestion so 4kStore can get his software tested. If that's "doing very little," well, then, I'll shut my mouf.


Ever since installing this mod, I've not been able to use "Modification Settings." (I just get a blank page.) Likewise, I can't select any of the items in "Modification Settings.' I uninstalled "Social Buttons" and I thought to go uninstall it by hand, too, but discovered that there's apparently nothing for me to uninstall. Is there something you can tell me so I can get my Modification Settings back again? I'm going to be needing them ;-) so I'd be grateful if you'd help me out!

(When installing Social Buttons, at the end of the install, it told me it was going to Modification Settings. It took me to a blank page, and that's all she wrote! I've never seen my Modification settings again.) (To refresh your memory, I'm the Mac user who can't make use of Social Buttons because they don't display properly; I just get half a Twitter button and that's all.)



Its possible to manual install on 2.0 RC3?


--- Quote from: unformatted_ on May 07, 2012, 03:39:49 PM ---Its possible to manual install on 2.0 RC3?

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Emulate the version and should work.

This is a great mod, would it be possible to have the share link at the bottom of the page? Left and right screen space is at a premium.

Thanks in advance.


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