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Viewing Members by Letter doesn't work right

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This is more of an annoyance than a bug. If you go into the memberlist and then click a letter, instead of showing you a page starting with the first member whose name begins with that letter, it shows you the page where the first member whose name begins with that letter appears, even if it's the last username on that page.

Example: Say I want to see all the users whose username starts with "O"...
According to the memberlist, Observer is the first user whose name starts with "O". Instead of Observer being the first one listed, I see the last 18 users whose name starts with "n" and then Observer. In my opinion, this completely kills the reason this feature would be useful.

EDIT: Jeff, in response to your last post, I added a poll... Let's see what everyone else thinks... :)

it seems to operate as if, instead of doing a new query, it simply re-shuffles the whole deck.  maybe it's to make it faster, and use less rescources.

Why does this stop it from being useful?  The letters are just "jump to page" buttons.


I think it is somewhat confusing for people starting out since YaBB has always done it the way Oldiesmann mentions. I'm not saying one way is better then the other though. :)

That's a bug / bad design if ever I saw it.

Click on "H" and you get 3 members starting with "H", the rest are all G's
If I had wanted "G" I would have clicked on "G".


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