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Viewing Members by Letter doesn't work right

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Maybe it would be possible to stick an anchor into the start of each letter group so it could scroll down to where each letter starts?

Jeff Lewis:
Fizzy, relax, you're getting pretty worked up about this :)

I have to agree that I don't like the new way either but I am guessing someone will write a MOD to "fix" this.

I don't understand why it has to be a mod, but maybe it's just me. I added a poll so other people can have their say without making this thread really long.


Don't worry, I'm far from wound up about it  8)

I'm at work so I tend to think fast and type fast so if it comes across as getting wound up it's not intended that way :D
If somethings not a bug and it gets explained how it's a feature and not a bug then I'm happy with that, but making analogies to suit poor presentation doesn't go down well.

I'm just doing what I can do for SMF, providing feedback where I can :)
A mod would definitely be needed though. Giving user selectable options for the number of records per page would be good too. :)


--- Quote from: pege on March 03, 2004, 08:14:39 AM ---just a question here.  when you originally click the memberlist, does it query the entire thing?  if it's currently opperating on a jump-to when you click a sort option, it seems like that would require loading the whole memberlist. 

if so, would it be quicker to simply do a query based on any sort options a user may click?  it might involve more queries, but less data per-query.  maybe in the long run, it might speed it up, use less rescources, and provide more desired information.

--- End quote ---

No, actually.  It would be slower.  It's faster to have less conditions but limit the amount of data... meaning this is fast:

FROM somewhere

And this is slow:

FROM somewhere
WHERE a = 1 OR b = 4

This makes sense, because MySQL has to figure out *what rows* you're looking for, which is very time consuming.

Hey, Fizzy - calm down.  Shall I call you a crap presentation?  Let's not go saying such things.  You don't agree with the feature, and that's fine - but this is not a bug, it's a feature request.

I elected to leave them in, and Compuart took the letter links out entirely.  As a *conselation* I put this in - otherwise they would not be there at all.



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