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Warning: You must create an application on facebook to use this modification


* Register with facebook (new members)
* Integrate forum account with facebook (existing members)
* Disassociate forum account from facebook
* Update your Status on facebook
* Import your facebook avatar
* Invite your facebook friends
* Like/Recommend your site to friends on facebook
* Share, Like, and Publish topics to your facebook wall
* Facebook Comment Box
* Facebook Fan Page
* Friends... View all your facebook friends             Left blank intentionally:Left blank intentionally:

* ACP - this mod has its own admin control panel for easy use
* Supports Standard and Advanced Profile Fields [SMF 2.0 only]
* Facebook admin logs (see all register/Integrated fb users)
* Membergroup (default membergroup for new facebook registered members)
* Buddy list integration (users can sync their forum and fb friends)

Guide Spoogs

In order to use SA facebook Integration mod, you must create a facebook application.

Below find the basic requirements to successfully integrate your forum with Facebook.

    1. Go to
    2. Click "Click Apps In the menu" Then Create a New App

    3. Choose a name for your application - your forum name can be used if you choose

    4. You must agree to Facebook's Terms and complete the captcha

5. After the the app is created you are taken to the apps main page. You want to select the settings link in the sidebar on the left handside.
Then add platform and select website

    Description - you may put a description for your application/website if you wish
    Icon - You may use a 16x16 favicon if you wish
    Logo - you may upload a logo to be used on facebook for your application if you wish
    Language - (self explanatory) Select your preferred language
    User Support Address - You MUST choose an option.
    You MUST complete the field below based on your choice
    Facebook automatically uses your personal email address if you do not complete this field
    This field cannot be left blank
    Contact Email - this is the email address that you would prefer to have Facebook contact you as the developer of the application
    Privacy Policy URL & Terms of Use URL - I recommend yoursite/action=register
    You may also simple copy the registration agreement into a post and provide a link to said post
    Developers - (self explanatory) Add and remove other developers if needed
    You do NOT need to click save at this time... just continue to the next step.

    5. Click "Website"
    5a. Site URL - Enter your website url.... must end with "/" or have "?" examples or
    URL's must begin with http:// or https:// (as necessary)
    5b. Site Domain - This is only needed if you are using sub-domains such as or
    Domain names MUST NOT have http:// or https:// for example and nothing else

    6. Click "Facebook Integration" - This step is optional
    Only use this step if you want to be able to access your forum on Facebook
    Results may vary based on your default theme
    6a. Canvas Page - Choose a name for you Canvas - This will display just as any other application or game on facebook - I may provide an example at a later date <-- there should be no spaces in your app name.
    6b. Canvas URL - This should be your forum home page URL.... must end with "/" or have "?" examples or
    6c. Canvas Type - IFrame is recommended (unless you are advanced enough to code you own canvas)
    6d. IFrame Size - Auto-resize is recommended (it attempts to limit the need for scroll bars)
    6e. Bookmark URL - I recommend using your Canvas Page URL
    Profile Tabs - allows you users to a tab to your application to their Facebook profile (most people dont use this IMO) but you may fill out if you wish
    6f. Installable to? - I recommend checking both
    7. Click "Save Changes"

    This is the info you need to complete the setting for SA Facebook Integration

With the information provided you should be able to easily setup your Facebook application, install this mod and integrate your forum.

Finally.  :)

Very cool ;)

SWEET, finally approved, congrats SA on an awesome mod, loving all the features so far  8)

now where cooking :)


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