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Need to get Modification Settings back

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No need to fully reinstall, if you want to take that route.

Just get the files from the large upgrade and upload them all (Except upgrade.php), overwriting what you have and you'll be back in the virgin state, as it were, with all posts and members intact.

The mods'll still be in Package Manager. They'll just need to be reapplied (Or not).

Wow, K@. That was in the thread to which you pointed me, and I missed it? Am I a bonehead or what? (No need to answer that; I know what the answer is. (sigh))

But now that you bring it up, it suddenly dawns on me that I have TWO backups and I didn't even realize it because I didn't think of them that way: twice I've dragged my entire install off my server to make grepping quicker. I've got two copies here, one from back in the beginning, and a recent one (which is a ruined one). I just didn't think of them as backups 'cause they're not tarballs. (banging head on desk) Whatta dipstick. (sob!) I'm a lucky dipstick, though, huh?

I, Binky Melnik, do solemnly swear henceforth to read the first three pages of threads in their *entirety* when people point me to them to be helpful. I'll pay close attention to *everything* in the thread so I don't miss anything important.

I'm sorry I wasn't thorough and I appreciate your help a lot. I'm sorry I made you post a second pointer because I'm a big, hopeless dope. Thanks *ever* so much!


Holy smokies, K@! I'm looking at my Modifications Settings page right this minute! I've already seen my Feature Settings page! I did as you suggested, grabbed the Large Upgrade and pulled out any non-pertinent directories (Attachments, Smileys, Avatars, and so on), and then uploaded the whole wad. Now I'm gonna drag it all off the server again before I bollix it up. Wow! Thanks sooo much! This is just *so* cool! I am a happy kid! Yay, me! And Yay, K@! If I could give you +1, I'd do it! In lieu of that: (scratches the inside of your thigh)

All I can say, to that, is...

Plus, just to offend everyone...

Niiice rack! (At first I thought they were nuts, and I was confused!)


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