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FIX: SMTP needs "ssl://" in front of the server.

青山 素子:
Have you checked that the server is sending mail out?


--- Quote from: 青山 素子 on March 02, 2012, 11:30:22 PM ---Have you checked that the server is sending mail out?

--- End quote ---

I contacted my host and they said it is working fine and the queue is small but running fine. I set up SMTP with the help of the host and same thing, no emails. We believe it is SMF. So if anyone wants to help, I can post parts of code you might want to look at.

Can it have anything to do with using a subdomain? (


PS. No errors in log...

Installing SMF on a new directory, then going to test if it works. Then test if it works with the mods. Update when done.

Did not work even after fresh install.

青山 素子:
Can the host provide copies of the mail log on the server? That should show if the mail was accepted by the remote servers.


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