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Mambo 4.5.1, Wrapped SMF and Bridge (latest versions), AWESOM (com_awesom_0_3_2fixed), Events Calendar (mod_events_cal v1.8 ), PayPal (mod_paypal 1.1 ), and Google Ads (mod_sw_ads 1.01).

DAB Empire:

--- Quote ---EliteRides: Mambo, SMF, Coppermine, EverywhereChat
(user: test - pw: test)
--- End quote ---

I also have two other domains set up.  Both with Mambo + SMF.  One also has EverywhereChat and Coppermine bridged too.

RadioGrind: Mambo, SMF

VIPnights: Mambo, SMF, Coppermine, EverywhereChat

Our test site: [nonactive] now features the following:

Mambo 4.5.1b + SMF 1.0.1(integrated). + Bridge 2.2 + discussbot

I have "greyed-out" the default template and had to make some modifications to some of the template source to suit the integration.  Your comments would be greatly appreciated (you can post comments directly to the forum at [nonactive] - public posting is enabled there).



First I would like to thank Unknown,  Orstio, the Mambo guys and everyone else involved in creating these two excellent products and for bringing them together.

Here is my site based on a Mambo and SMF integration: [nofollow]


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