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Having problems with the package manager?

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aly, create a directory inside the packages directory named temp and chmod it to 777 and try again.

I end up having to upload the contents of the package into the Temp folder.  It is the only way i get no errors...

Dear SMF community members,

I think this topic has grown too big. It's become increasingly harder to find solutions to specific issues. Package Manager is a very powerful feature of SMF, but also one that seems to be affected often by unusual server/account configurations and other stuff.

Quite a few errors, situations and available solutions have been mentioned here. To make support easier, less confusing and more effective, I'm locking this topic. Please search here and in other topics when you experience an issue related to Package Manager; if you still can't find a solution, start a new topic in the appropriate board (for SMF 1.x or 2.0) and we'll do our best to help you.

Thank you!

Does this file still work with SMF and the current version. ???

Matthew K.:
I doubt it, otherwise it probably wouldn't have been locked...


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