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I'm sure most kids view the concept of a "forum" or "blog" as a quaint anachronism, something like a typewriter or a telegraph. As (if?) they mature, whether they come to see forums and blogs as useful, or stick with FB/TW and their descendants, remains to be seen.

Is there a clear distinction between a forum and a blog? With most blogs apparently accepting submissions from others, rather than being written by one person, what's the difference? Has "blog" expanded to include the concept of "Forum" (now there's an ancient term, referring to something from the Roman Empire!).

Well, generally, a blog is a roughly equivalent to a single forum board, with additional meta information captured per topic than a forum would normally.

But essentially, a blog can easily be attached to a forum, but it is much harder to go the other way around.

BBCode is also antiquated these days.

It might be antiquated but how else would you do, say, footnotes or the more complex (and informative) style of quoting in regular WYSIWYG as opposed to having the useful shortcode style that is bbcode?

(In fact, such things as bbcode are so antiquated, WordPress has support for very similar to it for just that reason. Look up 'shortcode' on WordPress' site...)

I'd still like to have a Markdown option in future versions, for when you don't need all this fancy-schmancy stuff.


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