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Guess this was a bit overdue for a few years.  :P

Name: Liroy
Age: 25
Location: the Netherlands, Holland, Dutchieland, whatever :)
Quote: Feel free to be free.
Position: Simple Machines President/CEO / Server Team Lead / Marketing

* Do you have pets?- Yes, a german shepherd. Awesome dog. Getting old though :( As al GS dogs, hip trouble. Nope. :(

* What is your favorite color?- I like black things, eg nearly all my clothes are black/dark blue, but that's not really a color... If I had to choose a color; it would be green. Or fractals, if it would be a color :P

* What kind of music do you like?- So many many styles... But I prefer Black Metal and other metal styles the most. A small selection of the artists I like: Aquilus, Krake, Borknagar, Windir, Mistur, Queen, Vangelis, Primus, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Burzum, ICS Vortex, Dick Dale, Moonsorrow, I, Bishop of Hexen, Wardruna, Emperor, Global Communication, Primitive Earth, Garden of Shadows, Rage against the machine, Prodigy, Megadeth, Fjorsvartnir, Dargaard, Enslaved, Arcturus, Black Sabbath, Thorns, Vreid, Lamented Souls, Spinal Architect, Dark Fortess, Naglfar, Iron Maiden, Einherjer, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Stormlord, Steve Vai, The Doors, Perturbator, Mozart, Bach, Grieg, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Faithless, Troll, Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Wintersun, Gorgoroth, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Venom, Project HATE MCMXCIX, Thorns, Mozart, Bach, Dream Theater, Arcturus, Joe Satriani, Frank Zappa.

* What do you do on your free time besides spending time on SMF?- Relax. Play some games. Hack the software of (Android) phones. Endlessly clicking through wikipedia whilst I was only looking up a single article...
I actually do a lot of different stuff, whatever interests me at the time or whatever I feel like doing :)

* What are your goals/dreams in life?- Be happy at all times, that's the goal I hold on to :)

* What got you involved in SMF?- It sort of... happened. I was just lurking around YaBB SE and got sucked in to SMF :P I got on the team after a real-life meeting and dinner.

* Who do you admire? Why?- Hmm... Don't really have any idols. Lots of people do good things, not going to select one person as admiring him/her.

* Are you into sports?  If so which ones?- Soccer, sailing, motor racing. (At least: I know how to do it. I'm not too active in it. I'm more about simply walking these days :P)

* What is your dream job?- I'm good where I am; owning an ISP and doing IT consultancy.

* What was your first screenname?- Good question. I don't remember. I think I adopted "cypher" from the Matrix for a while but got tired of it very fast.

* Do you have any piercings?- No. Nor do I want one.

* Are you a lefty/righty or ambidextrous?- Probably ambidextrous. Hovering somewhere in the center, but I probably lean slightly to the right.

* Do you have any tattoo's?  If not do you wish/plan to get one?- No, I do not have any tattoo's and do not currently plan on getting one. Maybe sometime in the future, but I doubt it. They're forever.

* Do you have any siblings?  If so, how many of each?- 2 Sisters.

* What is your favorite website?- This one, and a Dutch site:

* Do you play computer games?  If so, which ones?- Unreal Tournament '99 with ZARK sniper rifle or StrangeLove rocket mod. Nothing else.

* Do you play video game consoles?  Which ones?- Yes, I own a PlayStation 3 with Move. I prefer playing Assassins Creed and Final Fantasy. For mindless nonsense, I got Duke Nukem.

* Are you married or planing to get married?
- I am not married but am planning on getting married in the next few years.

* If so do you have any kids? (Ha, this question implies you can't have kids without marriage! :P Answer is no, though!)
* How many kids?
* How many languages do you speak?  If so which ones?- Dutch & English fluently and I can make myself known in French, German and Latin. For the rest I know some words in a lot of languages, mostly words that should not be repeated here. I also want to learn some Scandinavian languages.

* Do you drink?- From time to time I do, yes.

* Do you smoke?- Yep.

* Did you play hookey from class?- Sometimes :) Ok, maybe a lot. I was bored as hell.

* Do you have a license?
- Yes

* Do you own a car?- Yes. Though I do miss my motorcycle. Walking rocks, though!

* Have you ever been stopped for speeding?- Unfortunately, yes. The tickets are sick expensive. Praise radar detection though.

* Do you obtain a good amount of sleep daily?- Usually I don't. I am easy to distract and am interested in many things. Anything that draws my attention can keep me going for a long time.

* How do you sleep?- On my side or spread over the full size of my bed in really the strangest ways... Until I get punched because I'm starting to hog up all the space. ;)
I prefer having a fan blowing cold air all the time, even in the winter.

* Have you ever been on an airplane?- Yes, it's freezing cold on top of an Airbus.

* Have you ever broken a bone?- Yes, though not very interesting. A couple of toes and the right side of my right hand thanks to a motor crash.

* Do you wear jewelry?  If so what jewelry do you wear?- Nope, though I do consider my headphones far more valuable than jewelry as it provides music on the go ;)

* How do you dress?- *shrugs* I just grab a random bit of clothes and don't care much for it unless I have to go somewhere special. I mostly dress in jeans with a band shirt.

* How many keys are on your keyring?- 10, 13 if you also count access keycards.

* What time do you go to bed?  What time do you wake up?- That is different each and every day. I usually don't go to sleep until 4AM and don't wake up before 12.30PM.

* What's the freakiest thing you have done?- I actually have to pick what I think is the freakiest thing I done? I'll skip this one ;)

* Do you live alone?- Nope, living together.

* How many hours a day do you spend in the computer?- Far too much. I suspect around 10 to 12 hours at minimum.

* How many hours a day do you spend in SMF?- Like wayyyy too much. :)

* What is your favorite beverage - coffee, tea, soda, beer, other?- Coca Cola, which is the only real coke. Next to that: Tea, Fanta, Beer (Jupiler, Hertog Jan, Amstel, Duvel), Bacardi & Coke, Whiskey (real ones, not bourbon), Red Vodka + Red Bull. And not to miss this one: Water!

* What do you hate?- I don't have a particular hate for anything. But I dislike people that talk about things they have no clue about and know nothing about, but pretend they do or speak in a way that suggests they do. I also dislike really rude people and hypocrites. And last but not least: I don't like people who want to forbid things for other people while the thing they want to forbid does not harm anyone really or only the person doing it, but they do try to keep the things *they* like themselves legal, no matter if it's worse than the thing they try to make illegal, and come up with nonsense reasons for it... though I guess that comes down to hypocrites again. ;)

* What do you love?- Obviously my girlfriend. (Sry for making you puke folks!) Next to that, my dog is cool and i can't miss my phone and ultrabook. I also like Nature much... I enjoy free time, holidays and traveling around :) I particularly like walking outside very well, as long as the weather is nice. Especially in nature rich areas without much to any roads around. I also like walking on the beach, or if the weather allows it: baking there in the sun. Love riding around in hot temperatures. I also like people who help others a lot. Most people don't like doing more than absolutely needed, which is a shame. I also really like relaxing in different kind of ways. :) Next to all this I like it to think of new ideas for server setups, security and configurations. Guess this is becoming more of a hobby list than really answer the question "what do you love" eh? :P Drifting offtopic? No! :)

* What is your religion?- Antichrist. Just kidding. I don't really have a religion. Maybe there is something, maybe there is not. I'm fine either way, and don't really care right now. I would describe my religion as "whatever". I do have a profound dislike of many religions.

* What is your hair color?- Dark

* How tall are you?- Approximately 1m80.

* How much do you weigh?- About 55KG I think, slim, with a godly body! About 75KG 80KG (-edit- damnit...) or so.

* What's the feature on SMF you can't live without?

* As an administrator?- Banning users

* As an end user?- The ability to post
Guess that concludes it :P

Updated on 22nd of July 2015.


--- Quote from: CoreISP on May 13, 2012, 01:04:43 PM ---For the rest I know some words in a lot of languages, mostly words that should not be repeated here.
--- End quote ---
Lol :P

What is your favorite type of cookies? ;D :P

Oreo :P


--- Quote ---If so do you have any kids? (Ha, this question implies you can't have kids without marriage!  Answer is no, though!)
--- End quote ---

Actually, it only implies that we want to know if you have kids only if you're married. :P

Good to know a bit more about you Liroy!

Wow, great gadgets you have man :)

What do you think is the actual color of a zebra? :P
Have you ever been high? :D


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