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--- Quote from: Dzonny on October 16, 2009, 06:36:02 AM ---There is no Slovenian language pack for smf 1.1.10...
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Actually, we do have a Slovenian language pack as well as a Slovenian translation team. But we can always use more translators :)

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Where can we download the most complete Slovenian language pack?

I found in archive the one that is included with 1.1.15 but it is very incomplete. On the other side, on this forum ( the translation seems much better and complete, and this forum is version 2.0. Can you maybe provide a link or attach translations used on this forum (or if better exist?).

Hello there tinodj.

We still don't have Slovenian pack available for download though. If you want/can to help about translating smf into Slovenian feel free to contact me about that.



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