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The Simple Machines team would like to welcome you to the new site promoting the free forum software SMF! Here you will find information on the forum software, be able to get free support, and chat with fellow users.

The Simple Machines team is a collection of smaller teams. These teams include the Project Managers, Developers, Support Specialists, and MOD developers. Each team includes a team leader in order to keep things organized and free flowing.

While the site is open, SMF is still nearing completion and running here as our community forums. This allows you, the user, to watch the software as it progresses and to offer feedback on this progress.

Please make yourself at home and join us in watching things unfold!

Joshua Dickerson:
Please report any/all bugs, notices, warnings etc. Thanks


--- Quote from: groundup on August 02, 2003, 01:17:06 PM ---Please report any/all bugs, notices, warnings etc. Thanks

--- End quote ---
On this board.

woo finally allowed to spread word!  8)

Killer Possum:
WOW!!! Sleek new look, I like the WinXP feel to it. Can't wait till it's publicly released!!! ;D 8)


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