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There's still lot of work. I hope we'll can have a smf wiki template too...

Joshua Dickerson:
Speaking of templates, I'm currently trying to figure out some templates to setup to "mark" pages. For instance, if a page is incomplete or if a page is a stub, we add the template to the page. At some point, someone checks to see what templates have been added to what pages and then we can fix those pages.

If you have any ideas for templates please let me know so I can start adding them. What would also be a great help is if someone were to make me a list (or you just joined the wiki so I can give you the appropriate permissions to add your own templates)

A list of templates or a list of what needs to be added/updated?

Joshua Dickerson:
A list of templates. If you look at Wikipedia you'll see what I'm talking about. They use templates to denote a stub article, needs citing, etc.. I want to use the same system (since it's pretty much standard) for our wiki.

Joshua Dickerson:
Here goes the parent category of the templates used in Wikipedia. I must warn you, there are thousands. So, I am only looking for things that we can use.


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