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Why i dont get spammers in my forum

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Lots of folks ask 'why i get spammers in my forum', 'i have lots of spam', etc.

Let me tell you,.... i dont get spammers at all on my working  5 years old forum.

Simple,  i run SMF RC3 and a couple mods.....

1. First off, i use SMF's RC integrated security question.  The question used is related to my forum genre. I run an automotive forum and the question is simple. "How many spark plugs a Chevy Avalanche has?" Answer is 8.

Do bots know this? No.

Dont make question like: "What color is the sky?",  "What color is the grass?" or "2+2=?"   Make your security question related to your forum genre that your guest know the answer to.

2. I also use SMF's integrated "profile Fields".....(also available in the mod site for 1.1.x users).
 a. text
 b. selection

The mods i use:

Vbgamer's "Avatar Select" mod:
青山 素子 "reCaptcha" mod:

These simple mods available in the mod site and the security question should stop bots and spammers from registering.

Try them out and have fun :P


I have only had 2 spammers and they didn't get very far.

My forum is related to the area where I live ie Milton Keynes in the UK.

Now why would a hotel in Bali want to register as a member?

Similar to BD I also have questions related to the content of the forum.

How do i apply the security question?

I use CloudFlare in combination with Arantor's Login Security mod, Forum Firewall and my own custom mod (blocks e-mail addresses as usernames, awaiting approval at the mod site).

Now I only need some stuff to prevent spammers from registering...maybe I'll create a custom mod for this.


--- Quote from: bucharest on May 13, 2011, 04:28:12 PM ---How do i apply the security question?

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