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i mean, my suggestion is,

the layout and assortment of the messages in the inbox shall look like the image in "Display Personal Messaging - My suggestion.jpg"

message icon |senders's name |Subject - Message 1message icon |senders's name |Subject - Message 2message icon |senders's name |Subject - Message 3message icon |senders's name |Subject - Message 4

Subject  - Message 1,  is a hyperlink for opening the link and open the whole content of the message, just like when you're opening an email message.

Under the Messaging Settings "Display personal messages: All at once", the top block of table of the inbox page is showing:

message icon | Date | Subject | Sender's User Name

and then below it, it shows all, the full contents of all of the messages in the inbox.

what im suggesting is, a settings that dispplay only the the top block table, the table that displays:

message icon | Date | Subject | Sender's User Name

Headers different page than body.

Sounds interesting.


im glad you got what im trying to suggest.


right... clicking the subject will open the whole body of the message.


--- Quote from: Joker™ on January 05, 2012, 10:26:26 AM ---Are you talking about conversation styling. If so go to

Personal Messages » Change Settings
Display personal messages -- change this to "as a conversation"

--- End quote ---
why is my own post not showing in conversation mode sir? im using smf2.0.2


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