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It looks like Bad-Behaviour has an update to deal with the EU cookie law.  I see the current version of this mod places a cookie "bb2_screener_".  Is this SMF updated to include the bad behaviour update please?

Well the core author believes that Bad Behavior is exempt from the EU Cookie law.  So only paranoid users need to apply the change.

A little more specific, the SMF version is in testing at SMF Helper as we speak.  That version includes the cookie selection, admin whitelist and etc...  Although most of the time the difference between the beta and the release in my software is cosmetic, sometimes a bug is found.  So it is better to wait for the official release.

Thanks,   The whole cookie law stuff is a mess and until someone gets hauled over the coals we won't really know.  I'll await the update with interest, although I agree that as bad behaviour provides essential security for my site the cookie it requires should be essential and so should be exempt.

Do not remove the old version while add the new version.

New version!!!   This one made me work... Changes are as follows:

* Added Lazybones badbehavior_bbc.gif
* Upgrade from Bad Behavior 2.2.2 to version 2.2.6
* EU Cookie Law Option added under Security
* Improved reverse proxy address
* Moved whitelist to the admin panel - no more whitelist.ini, SMF whitelist Permissions are still included
* Xaquin has re-written the spanish translation


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