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About my SMF fork (yes, another one)

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click *like* :P

Good that the challenge is on. :)

But really though, one of the strengths, IMHO anyway, of SMF(at least partly and def. more in the beginning than later years) was that graphics/UI/coding/framework was done by different people,good at what they did and allowed some freedom in it. One man project implies strength in ALL these displines..thats hard to come by, if not impossible. For example, Wedge doesn't strike me as very exciting graphicwise - maybe becasue they want to control it all? Not their fault, and that can be good in itself. But with a good graphic person and without any of the coders interfering too much, it would be a better project. Well, IMHO anyway, but this is not about them.

So thats why i am curious on who you are, Femshep - or if there are more people involved.And why I put the "challenge" out there. ;)

So Bloc is saying that he wants to be your designer. :D

I know Femshep pretty well, and he/she can most definitely hand both ends of the project.

Angelina Belle:
I'm still in the dark. Come back with more information, and we'll list your fork. If you give it an open-source license, we'll link to it.


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