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Dear SMF users and visitors,

Over the past few days, and currently still, is under a low level DDoS attack. The server team has been working at best effort on keeping the site stable and running smoothly but unfortunately we still have experienced a few hiccups. Due to the nature of our setup, it may appear to be working like a flash light from time to time.

We are still working on the issue and making modifications both software and hardware side to ensure you do not experience any trouble from this lame action.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you will understand.

Thank you and happy foruming,
- Simple Machines Team

This evening, posting a new reply took long. :( Anywayz, hope that is be fixed soon.

Not cool :/ , GL team i hope you guys fix it soon

good luck core :)

Alex' Manson:
aww, good luck at fixing this..


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