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Invitation Message In Your Face [IMIYF]

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Well, it looks ok... I have tested it on our forum, and it shows the message (without the ' ')
No idea... maybe would help


Would it be possible for you to provide some sample CSS here that would show the bar full-width on the screen, or centered at say, 95% width?

I've been trying to alter the css to show it like that way without any luck.

MrMike, on jquery.jgrowl.css file

Find the line div.jGrowl div.jGrowl-notification, div.jGrowl div.jGrowl-closer {

look at the width: XXX; line inside that

Try width: 95% !important;

On smf admin, IMIYF options use center...

You mean something like that?

I guess actually I'm trying to get it to look like like the RegBar mod....full width, centered, very little padding, possibly with an icon on the far left, and so on.

This mod is awesome :-) I was wondering two things:

- Is it possible to have this show for registered members, instead of unregistered?
- Is it possible to change the 'register' link (when you click) to another page (IE: Instructions or rules?)

Many thanks for this awesome mod :-)


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