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Hi All, I have Magento, working nice and happy.

But I have SMF 2.  Has anyone got this combo working?

If not, does anyone know if its possible to downgrade SMF from 2 to 1?


Andre N:
Is there an api for smf 2 yet?

ike turner,

The official one is not released yet. (probably to be released soon after the release of 2.0 Final version)
If you wish, you might check this out: (I didn't check it yet)

Hi Guys, I dont really understand  this, but does this it could maybe be close?


I know this thread is getting pretty old, but have you had any luck with SMF2/Magento 1.5.x.x ?

I noticed you posted ( hxxp:// ) a free extension , but not quite a bridge for users?

You did mention you were working on bridge in this post.. any luck?

Thanks for any input and all your work so far..


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