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Andre N:
You could probably use the api file as-is if your cms application has only email address in common with SMF as Magento does. Or you could use the api in the downloads->tools area here which might be a better starting place. Include that (require_once probably better idea) in your cms file before using any of the functions. Just after they log into the cms, call the log in function. do that for every action
The Magento bridge file would work too going in the other direction, but you would need to modify every single function specifically for your cms. Then you include that in your smf index.php file and you are set.

Thanks a lot, - sounds simple enough. I will try and let you know how it went.

Does "cms application has only email address in common" imply using email address in place of a user name? That is the way it's currently setup in my case.


Andre N:
That's what I meant. In Magento there is no username so the only commonality between the accounts is the email address. If you've got that the functions in the api will work fine for you with little modification.

Andre N:
Finally done. Marking as solved  ;)
edit - Demo site here: if you want to try it out.


            That is really great. you done a great job and it is quite simple this will help many cmsms users and also others. i was also facing some problem in this but now i understand that. so, thanks for sharing this information.



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