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8: Undefined index: id_member



I updated one of my forums to SMF 2.0.2 yesterday
Since then I have an error log full of this error
It is google looking at RSS feeds
How can I stop it
guests are very ristricted on teh forum & are only allowed  access to 1 public board. All other boards are members only

--- Quote ---Guest   
  Today at 14:00:17
Type of error: Undefined;action=.xml;PHPSESSID=d34b5fb060c6a07e7998f1093e983c11
8: Undefined index: id_member
 File: /home/mwr/public_html/Sources/Security.php
 Line: 231
--- End quote ---

One thing you might check is if this array is coming from a database query, and whether the field name is actually member_id (or something else). A few days ago there was a topic on just this problem, where the new table had "member_id" and part of the new code had "id_member" (the more usual naming convention). Maybe "guest" is looking for id_member while registered members are looking for member_id? This would imply that the mod code was not thoroughly tested.

If that's not the problem, is the spider trying to look at a restricted board when it shouldn't be? Are RSS feeds subject to the same permissions as boards and topics? I'm not familiar with that part, so I'll have to defer to someone else.

I can't find anyway to turn off or restrict RSS  to specific groups and I can't see a permission for guests to view or not view RSS

I know RSS will only work on the boards that a member or guest has access to 

Hi, Derek!

Does your Security.php have something like:


in it, somewhere?

If so, try replacing it with


and see what happens. (Keep a backup of the file, obviously)


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