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Ok, tracked (at the moment I'm pretty busy with SMF and other mods, can't do more...).

--- Quote from: novill on May 01, 2012, 07:41:31 AM ---@ Emanuele with the display the special characters is any process?

--- End quote ---
At the moment no, for this 1.1 I just fixed the most important (and easy :P) things.
This is in the to-do list for the next version along with few other localization-related issues.

Okay, here we are.

davejo kindly provided a package with all the quizzes he already provided in the past this time in the new xml format (so that you can easily import them in your forum) and subdivided in 28 packages.

Please note that neither me nor davejo wrote these quizzes, they where originally uploaded to the website smfmodding.
They can contain errors, if you find any feel free to post here the updated quiz or the correct answer.

Please find here the packages:

The files are zipped, you have to decompress them, otherwise the mod wont be able to read the file! ;)

If you want to provide a pack of quizzes or even a single quiz, feel free to attach it to a post here or to a new issue at bitbucket, in both cases I'll take care of uploading it to the wiki.

Happy quizzing! :D

Sorry that I am only now back in touch.
So I'm just not on.

New version is installed and the old removed completely.
A league I've also been created. Still, I get just no indication at the quiz and the quiz will not start.

Down here on the first picture you can see how it looks when the popup opens.
In the second picture you can see how it looks when you click on Start Quiz.

I hope it can help someone.
Is it because I use the German rather than English as the default?
The Mod Quiz I only do not even translated.

That's what mine did until I uninstalled Fancy Box.....


--- Quote from: novill on April 21, 2012, 04:18:25 PM ---
--- Quote from: emanuele on April 21, 2012, 03:50:24 PM ---I have the feeling some of these chars could create problems...

--- End quote ---

Maybe is this the problem, i have used my own language characters (hungarian). Without hungarian characters works perfect.

--- End quote ---

Have you special characters in your quiz? (I have the same problem, go back to the page 27)

Try to download a english language quiz.


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