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Change SMF to use SHA256 Encryption

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Ah, the passwd column may not be long enough....

Do you have phpMyAdmin?  Well, if you can, check the length of the passwd column on the members table.  It should be 64.... if it's not, please do lengthen it.  It needs to be at least 64 for the conversion to go well.  However, SMF's default is 64.

This includes the phpBB installation too - which may use a size of 32 (which is how long the one you're saying it's stored as *is*.)  I suggest you try to lengthen it, or use the direct converter you're writing ;).  You might also check the Snitz -> phpBB converter to see if it truncates it...

The phpBB -> SMF converter does not truncate passwords, though.


It was the PHPBB2 field that was set to varchar 32. Fixed that and trying another export/import process. Well, I resolved that issue and now it appears as though the password is *still* not working. =/

Ok, it works!! It was not your code or the package at all. It was the stupid PHPBB2 -> Snitz converter.

The guy who wrote it decided to automatically try to MD5 the SHA256 passwords.

So for anybody reading this trying to do Snitz -> SMF, you need to change line 72 of members.php in the converter scripts. I commented out the original. I wasn't sure what to replace md5 with, so I did the mysql_escape_string and it worked fine.

--- Code: --- //$pass = md5($row[M_PASSWORD]);
$pass = mysql_escape_string($row[M_PASSWORD]);

--- End code ---


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