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Hi guys

I am currently working on a bridge between wordpress 3.4 and smf 2.0.2 but i have some problems his plugin is based off this plugin http: //
remove space in link
this is what works so far

plugin installs correctly
plugin detects forum folder
plugin detect SMF mysql database

but i am unable to get it sync the user accounts to and from WP or SMF i think its to do with the tables so heres a pastebin of the script in the hope a user here can see the problem

http:// < remove space in link

when  try and sync the account between the databases it just says "0 Users Synchronized Successfully!"

so any help would be great


There is a SMF mod available on the mod site here which already bridges the two platforms.

That only works on smf 2.0 rc5 so will it need updated to work on 2.0.2?

Old Fossil:

I use the mod myself.

Have a look at the Mod Emulation link in my signature.

thanks i have tried it and it works but gives this error

Warning: parse_url(/wp-login.php?redirect_to= [function.parse-url]: Unable to parse URL in /home/u278316197/public_html/forum/Sources/WordpressBridge.php on line 159

at the top of the forum


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