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Nice mod.. to bad it wont install on my 1.1 RC3.. i could have used this  :-[


--- Quote from: Foxi on May 08, 2007, 02:47:15 AM ---thanks

ı help

--- Code: ---Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in /home/hatira/domains/ on line 243
--- End code ---

Topic add is problem

--- Code: --- $topicsubject = $func['htmlspecialchars']($_REQUEST['topicsubject'], ENT_QUOTES);
$topicbody = $func['htmlspecialchars']($_REQUEST['topicbody'], ENT_QUOTES);
--- End code ---

versiyon : rc2

--- End quote ---

Only tested on SMF 1.1.2

Installed on 1.1.2 that has 20+ mods installed and installed perfectly.
Tested signing up as a new member and also worked perfectly.

Brilliant way of making new members feel welcome automatically..... but one thing.....

what is the ADD TOPIC function for after you have set up a topic. Is that for setting up a second post whereby you could inform moderators of new members on a Moderator Board, AS WELL as welcoming new members??

Overall a brilliant little mod and also very good where you can add the USERNAME into the post itself to really tailor it to the new member.

Installed without problems, but when I add a new topic, i obtain these errors:

--- Code: ---http://intranet/index.php?action=welcome;sa=add
8: Undefined offset: 533
File: /var/www/Themes/default/languages/Post.english.php (addtopic sub template - eval?)
Line: 253

8: Undefined offset: 532
File: /var/www/Themes/default/languages/Post.english.php (addtopic sub template - eval?)
Line: 252

--- End code ---
Obviously the file Post.english.php contains less then 252 lines, and the Mod does not seem to affect the index.template.php file.

By the way, when a new user registers, nothing happens.... :(

Love the new mod.  I just noticed that when an existing member changed his email address and validated the link, then it generated the welcome topic   :D

Any work around for that? 


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