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Problem with installing mods.

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    I am running a forum at and was running smooth but today i was informed about an error with installing mods.
     When i download the mod, it is downloaded fine, then it passes the pre-install tests but when i click install, i get a "not found error by browser saying that page is not available.
       I checked the packages/temp directory and got that the package is unzipped in the directory but isnt installed.
       All files are correctly chmoded. Is there any mod with illegal filename? Last downloaded mod was named firewall which isnt installed. SMF is showing error with every mod. Any help / suggestion will be greatly appreciated

What is the exact error you're getting? Are you sure it's "not found" and not "Internal Server Error"?

Yeah. I am getting the browser's default not found page.

I think no one gets his head on it. :-(

If it suddenly happened,then you may want to contact your hosting provider regarding this issue


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