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[3.0] Redo the theme system for SMF (2.1+ obviously)

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Any chance they will bring back the 1.1 ability to change the background image easily in themes ? I always thought that was a very cool option.

Unlikely :(

Eh? What 1.1.x option?

Some themes actually offered that as an option - easy recolouring straight from the ACP.

Ah. Inline styling. It'd be easy to do in 2.1 or any version since it's just a custom theme setting. Which brings to mind an interesting question.

If the mod guidelines get stricter and outlaw inline styling, what happens if someone write a mod to give recolouring from the admin panel? In fact, oh dear, how exactly do membergroup colours work, and how are they going to work in future?

TBH, if you want to do a good job of things like that in future versions, or even in 2.1 FFS, you'd use the setting to assign a class rather than force a colour inline. This would be no more code for Sources but far more flexibility for themes. Having stuff in Sources is fine, as long as it's accessible to themers in some way. Currently, far too much of it isn't.


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