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Joshua Dickerson:

--- Quote from: groundup on October 05, 2010, 11:26:10 AM ---I can't really figure out how all of the sidebar is created. Once I can figure that out, I am going to change some things up. I want to remove all of that navigation stuff from the sidebar and put it at the top like SMF does. I want to have the Hello, {username}\nRecent Changes\nWatchlist\nMy Contributions\n

In the top bar menu I'd like to put Home, Help, Search, Member (drop down with: User:{username}, Preferences, Talk, Watchlist, Contributions), Members, Logout. I'm thinking between Home and Help I'd also like to put Page with a drop down for the editing controls.

That would remove the need for the first two things in the sidebar: user and navigation. I'd move the search up to the top of that and move page controls just under that. Page controls: Edit, History, Delete, Move, Protect, <hr>, Watch, Refresh. Also in there, I'd like some Javascript to show/hide the [edit] links. It might also link to the user's preferences so you can either have them on/off when browsing.

If at all possible, breadcrumb navigation would be awesome to add. This would probably have to be a template or something that is grabbed by the skin. I don't know how that would work. Then there are the SMF topic buttons like reply/add poll/notify but we'd put in Edit/Delete/Watch.

I have a lot more planned for this skin but I have trouble with skinning MW.

--- End quote ---

I spent hours getting to know MediaWiki's code to write the SMF Curve Theme for MediaWiki. If you want something changed, just let me know and I'll help you out.

Can we flip the User Info and Navigation sections on the left? It seems counter intuitive to have the user links first.


Joshua Dickerson:
B, that's the point of what I was discussing. I don't want that info over there.

I meant in the meantime, but I suppose I can wait. :)



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