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Statement regarding SOPA

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I been aware of this act for a while also. I have taken steps, hoping my voice is heard.

--- Quote ---while making liable for damages any copyright holder who knowingly misrepresents that a website is dedicated to infringement.

--- End quote ---
How do you measure damages, there is no way to measure damages to a site being pulled. Once you pull the site you kill it, visitors that the site once had never come back. Some real, BS in the bill there.

IMHO lawmakers DO NOT have a place on the internet backbone and they should quit trying to modify something they DO NOT understand. They should focus their interest on companies that they think infringe on copyright law instead of missing up the internet infrastructure.

Angelina Belle:
Here's a useful discussion of the bill by some law professors.
The first-page summary is a good read:

Law Professor's Letter on SOPA

GoDaddy says it was making efforts to improve the bill, but has since given up on it.

I think it will take a lot for GoDaddy to win back the trust of so many of its customers who have left or who are planning to leave.

SOPA is going to pass then ?

That is not certain yet, but the chances are huge that it will, yes.
That is exactly why we ask all of you to take action :)
Check out the links posted.

I couldn't write a better post. Agreed 100%!


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