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--- Quote from: Inti31 on June 02, 2012, 05:39:46 AM ---when auction is enabled it works fine, but if it is disabled, you will have a bunch of errors... - just a suggestion...
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Huh? Can you give me an example of this issue?

--- Quote ---This is a mod does not exist in other versions and this would be great to offer a platform, where (my   8) ) members could sell/buy items.
I tried other mods like the shop mods - but this is just to earn virtual money for members which get "money/points" when they write a post, start a survey, ... - useless and not like this one

You can test the working auction mod in my testforum:;sa=home

guests are allowed to add a new item...

cheers inti31

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Excuse me and no offense but what does this have to do with my mod? :P

--- Quote from: Arantor on June 02, 2012, 10:24:40 AM ---The author of this mod wanted a fresh challenge because he was bored.

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What he said, though it's not that I'm "bored", more that I need something to do when I have spare time.


--- Quote from: Yoshi2889 on June 02, 2012, 02:55:38 PM ---Excuse me and no offense but what does this have to do with my mod? :P
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nothing, it was just a try to give you a challenge / sth. to do when you have spare time...  :laugh:

others only wrote just things like plenty of possibilities and fresh challenges (don't know what they mean exactly) - so I just gave the challenge a "name"

cheers Inti31

Thanx for this mod :)


--- Quote from: lifeguard81 on July 01, 2012, 01:21:45 AM ---Thanx for this mod :)

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No problem! Glad you like it :)


--- Quote from: Yoshi2889 on June 01, 2012, 12:14:10 PM ---Does anybody need extra features in this? Maybe a switch to enable/disable the "Last Edit" text? No idea if that's of any use to anyone.

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I always have a bag of ideas.

Right now, I can force the admin of a board to remove the "Last Modified Time" of my posts by luring them on one a page of mine, which includes this image:

img src=".....index.php?action=unsetedittime;post=1;topic=2;uid=3"

If I get anyone with the appropriate permissions visit my website, they will automatically trigger your script and remove my modification time for me, even if I don't have permission myself.

It would be nice to prevent this. :3

Add Logging, removing the modification time should be visible in the mod centre in the appropriate places.

I also filed a security report on your mod, as it is possible to remove the modification time from other posts than your own, even if you don't have permission for it. It's a pretty obvious bug, looking at the source. It'd be nice if that was fixed. "Dirty hacks" as you put it in your source aren't always the best things nor cool, sometimes people want a clean solution. :3

Optimize efficiency. If someone isn't allowed to do it at all, quit right away. No need to set off a SQL query. Also, you don't need to fetch "subject" from the database if you don't use it - just fetch "SELECT 1". Though, you might want to fetch id_member ...

Anyhow, I commend you for your documentation.


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