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I upgraded from beta 4 to beta 4.1.  Now I get :

--- Quote ---Safari can’t open the page “” because it could not load any data from this location.
--- End quote ---

This happens no matter what i click (the action just changes...  action=admin  action=help).  I also get the same type of error whenever I try to view a board ( index.php/board,4.0).

I have uploaded the entire sources directory twice and the index.php file twice.  Also run the upgrade.php file twice and nothing seems to help.  Originally, I was able to view the calendar after the upgrade, but now even that is giving me the error.

Can you upload the theme files and language files again too.

I uploaded everything again (after my host finally stopped f'ing things up).  Same errors.  I am going to go back to a backup of the b4.0 install for now.

Quick question.  Since I have to delete and reupload everything anyway.  What would happen if i just installed the 4.1 beta and ran the install?  Would that delete all the posts that were there from before?  Or can I get them back using the database management tools in the admin console?

Just leave Settings.php.  All install.php does is create the tables and edit Settings.php....


Okay thanks, I will give it a try.  Sorry, been busy the last few days.  Got everything back to the 4.0 release and haven't worried about the update yet.

Just so you know, I believe the problem was with my hosting provider.  They were experiencing "technical difficulties" with the fact the hard drive was at 101% capacity (not sure how that happens).  Anyway I am sure the files were not uploaded properly because of disk errors.

Thanks [unknown]


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