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Adding Moderators and a manual?

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Please forgive me I am used to invision board.

How can I make a few people:

1) Moderators

2) Global Moderators

Also is there a manual as such - to help newbies to this type of interface?


edit - sorry finally worked out the mod thing - now all I need is a manual  :P

I'm sorry but all there is at the moment is the not too useful help button. I believe the manual is an ongoing thing - until then any questions such post here and we'll do our best to assist :)

hmm... maybe starting a wiki to write the manual between many that could contribute bits?

Yuck, wiki...



well... it looked like a nice idea when I read about it... haven't tried it yet though :P

perhaps writting a linst of tutorials and things that need to be explained, members can reply with them and you strike them out from the list as they're contributed?


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