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Problem with Daysaving Time


Cupropituvanso Draco:

I have a problem with daysaving time. And I have tried many things in the meantime.

I had programmed a little script which shows the servertime = correct.
And I have I require SSI.php it was one hour back.

In Database there is standing Etc/GMT-1, and If I change it to -2 it shows the correct time, but all entries where changed, even this one which were made in winter?
I have a event-system and all events in future are now +1 hour. Interesting was the timecode converted shows also +1 (on [nofollow]).

In mysql setting table is CEST entered.

Can you help me?
I will not have the same problems two times in Year and with events now entered in next winter.

As this is a question about a script, I've taken the liberty of moving this to the... er... Scripting board. :)

/etc/GMT-1 is 1 hour east of GMT (note the reversed sign) year round. Change your entry to Europe/Berlin or whatever is appropriate for you (see and not only will you be in the right time zone, but also using the correct Daylight Saving Time/Summer Time rules.

This assumes you have PHP 5.1 or higher, which permits this functionality.

Cupropituvanso Draco:
okay, great, thanks

I have configured it, and it shows the correct time and also mktime works correct.

perfect :)

As Mr. Burns says, "Ex - cel - lent!" :)


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